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No, not Barack Obama.

The Ligue family just can’t stay out of the news.

A Blue Island man who rose to national notoriety after he and his father beat up a Kansas City Royals coach in U.S. Cellular Field was held without bail Wednesday after he was alleged to have violated his probation for a felony aggravated battery conviction in March.

William Ligue III, 21, of the 12600 block of Elm Street in Blue Island appeared in Cook County Bond Curt Thursday on charges that he violated the curfew requirement of his probation.

Ligue was sentenced to 30 months of gang-intervention probation earlier this year after he was arrested on March 14 for beating up another man with a fellow gang member.

For White Sox fans, this is a family that you’d like to just see go away. Any discussion about ballpark safety almost always begins with the Ligues & the White Sox, something White Sox fans absolutely hate. The other fans don’t deserve to be associated with these mouthbreathers, but unfortunately do and will continue as long as the name “Ligue” continues to find it’s way into the news.


Don’t let the above picture fool you. Ozzie Guillen is not sad to see Jay Mariotti gone from the Chicago Sun-Times. In fact, according to Ozzie, it’s a great day for Ozzie. While Ozzie never had the best relationship with Jay Mariotti, it still provided moments like this for the rest of Chicago, moments Ozzie obviously regrets. Sort of. In that Ozzie way.

Here’s Ozzie’s reaction to Mariotti leaving:

”When people wish the worst on people, you have to be careful because the baseball gods are going to get you,” Guillen said. ”He was not asking just for my job, he was asking for thousands and thousands of people’s jobs over the years. I’m not going to say I will get the last laugh because I will get fired from this job. But the day I get fired is the day I lose interest in this game.

”Am I enjoying this? Yes, because he tried to make my life miserable. He did everything in his power to make my life go the wrong way, but he didn’t make me miserable because I don’t believe him. Maybe if somebody else wrote that stuff about me, then I would put attention on it. And that’s what he wanted. He wanted attention. He has to thank me because I gave him a lot of [stuff] to work with. I know I helped him the last four years to make his money, and, obviously, he did not help me at all to make my money.”

I think deep down, Ozzie will miss Jay Mariotti. Deep down. Deep, deep down.

Ok, maybe not.

Jay Mariotti has decided to leave the Chicago Sun-Times, a paper he joined in 1991. Known for his feuds with players, team managment, Sun-Times co-workers, etc., Mariotti doesn’t seem to be a guy that people will miss. I don’t think that’s entirely true, however. As much as people hate the guy ( and some people absolutely hate the guy), he was still widely read in the city. Mariotti’s appearances on the ESPN show “Around The Horn” made him a national figure. Sure, it was a national figure that many people hated, but he became a national figure nonetheless.

Mariotti is rumored to be doing something involving the internet in the future. I imagine he could become a writer on ESPN’s website, where he’ll enjoy a larger audience to rile up. Or maybe he’ll try radio again, just not in Chicago. Who knows at this point.

Honestly, it’ll be weird not being able to read him in the Chicago Sun-Times anymore. As idiotic as some of his premises were in many, many articles, I still read him regardless. Here are some reader comments, however, of people who will not miss him:

brady08 wrote:
It is a great day in Chicago Sports Journalism. How this scum bag lasted as long as he did is beyond me. I can’t wait to see the other opportunites he plans to explore. Maybe he got an offer to cover table tennis, and girls gymnastics in China, if only that was far enough away.


yanzebra wrote:
HAPPY DAY! Thank you for leaving Eddie Munster. What a douche, all he does is complain about greedy athletes then breaks his own 3 year contract he just signed for a better deal from a website. Wish Mike North was on the air when this wonderful news came through.


captainballz wrote:
Didn’t they just extend this fat chode’s contract?


anth043007 wrote:
who cares jay mariotti was a piece of s$%t anyways!! he sucks at life…if he hasnt left yet tell him to stop getting his eyebrows down, he looks like a freakin fruit cake

You get the picture. There are hundreds & hundreds more just like it. The thing is, despite all the non-stop bile the comments are spewing right now on Mariotti, they all read him.

Who replaces Jay Mariotti as the columnist in Chicago everybody loves to hate? Rick Telander? Carol Slezak? Mike Downey? Phil Rogers? If he didn’t write for the little Daily Herald, I would also throw Mike Imrem there, who is known in some circles as Jay Mariotti Jr.

This is, indeed, a weird day in Chicago media history.

A video from Spring training, Chuck Garfein was given the choice of a choke slam or a chair bashing from A.J. Pierzynski.

After watching this video, I probably would have let A.J. Pierzynski just hit me with the chair.

And Jim Thome is supposed to be the nicest guy in MLB, but here he takes a pass on helping out Chuck. What gives, Jim?

Here are some articles from around the papers that are worth a read…

– Jason Marquis, this season’s player that Cubs fans love to hate (2007: Jacque Jones), will remain in the rotation and will not be skipped in his next 2 starts. Marquis has been skipped a couple times so far this season.

– The Cubs, with yesterday’s 12-3 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates, are now 32-31 on the road. They are over .500 since early May.

– Alfonso Soriano almost has the same amount of walks as last season, and in 54 less games. The free swinging slugger is exhibiting more patience at the plate this season, a welcome sight to all Cubs fans.

– Former White Sox closer and single season saves record holder Bobby Thigpen reflects on his record and what it’ll mean if Francisco Rodriguez breaks it this season.

– While most Bears fan have some strange hate for Rex Grossman, David Haugh warns that you do not want to see the Bears let him go, as they’ll eventually need him this season.

– The Blackhawks signed 19 year old Akim Aliu to a 3-year deal.

Presidential hopeful & Chicago White Sox fan Barack Obama did what any White Sox fan would do if they were on tv: take a shot at Cubs fans.

While doing an interview with ESPN, Obama bashed Cubs fans with the same old stereotype:

Obama joked about the stereotype of Cubs fans, who probably are tired of being described as partying people-watchers instead of serious baseball fans.

“You go to Wrigley Field, you have a beer, beautiful people up there,” Obama said, according to transcripts released by ESPN. “People aren’t watching the game. It’s not serious. White Sox, that’s baseball.”

Was this a dumb move or a brilliant move? Think about it….

Obama is going to win Illinois in the election pretty easily anyways, so making fun of the much bigger fanbase in the state isn’t really a big deal. (You may also think that there aren’t people out there stupid enough to base their selection on arbitrary things such as being a fan of a particular sports team. You would be wrong. Some people ARE that dumb.)

And which fanbase is one of the most hated & the most ridiculed fanbases in all of sports? The Chicago Cubs. The majority of the country hates Cubs fans. The Cubs are the best team in baseball right now, which makes them even more hate-able.

It just makes perfect sense to rip on the Cubs if you’re Obama.

Your move, John McCain. Time to make fun of New England Patriots fans.

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