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Because every preseason review should involve a guy wearing a helmet…


Jay Mariotti has decided to leave the Chicago Sun-Times, a paper he joined in 1991. Known for his feuds with players, team managment, Sun-Times co-workers, etc., Mariotti doesn’t seem to be a guy that people will miss. I don’t think that’s entirely true, however. As much as people hate the guy ( and some people absolutely hate the guy), he was still widely read in the city. Mariotti’s appearances on the ESPN show “Around The Horn” made him a national figure. Sure, it was a national figure that many people hated, but he became a national figure nonetheless.

Mariotti is rumored to be doing something involving the internet in the future. I imagine he could become a writer on ESPN’s website, where he’ll enjoy a larger audience to rile up. Or maybe he’ll try radio again, just not in Chicago. Who knows at this point.

Honestly, it’ll be weird not being able to read him in the Chicago Sun-Times anymore. As idiotic as some of his premises were in many, many articles, I still read him regardless. Here are some reader comments, however, of people who will not miss him:

brady08 wrote:
It is a great day in Chicago Sports Journalism. How this scum bag lasted as long as he did is beyond me. I can’t wait to see the other opportunites he plans to explore. Maybe he got an offer to cover table tennis, and girls gymnastics in China, if only that was far enough away.


yanzebra wrote:
HAPPY DAY! Thank you for leaving Eddie Munster. What a douche, all he does is complain about greedy athletes then breaks his own 3 year contract he just signed for a better deal from a website. Wish Mike North was on the air when this wonderful news came through.


captainballz wrote:
Didn’t they just extend this fat chode’s contract?


anth043007 wrote:
who cares jay mariotti was a piece of s$%t anyways!! he sucks at life…if he hasnt left yet tell him to stop getting his eyebrows down, he looks like a freakin fruit cake

You get the picture. There are hundreds & hundreds more just like it. The thing is, despite all the non-stop bile the comments are spewing right now on Mariotti, they all read him.

Who replaces Jay Mariotti as the columnist in Chicago everybody loves to hate? Rick Telander? Carol Slezak? Mike Downey? Phil Rogers? If he didn’t write for the little Daily Herald, I would also throw Mike Imrem there, who is known in some circles as Jay Mariotti Jr.

This is, indeed, a weird day in Chicago media history.

Here are some articles from around the papers that are worth a read…

– Jason Marquis, this season’s player that Cubs fans love to hate (2007: Jacque Jones), will remain in the rotation and will not be skipped in his next 2 starts. Marquis has been skipped a couple times so far this season.

– The Cubs, with yesterday’s 12-3 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates, are now 32-31 on the road. They are over .500 since early May.

– Alfonso Soriano almost has the same amount of walks as last season, and in 54 less games. The free swinging slugger is exhibiting more patience at the plate this season, a welcome sight to all Cubs fans.

– Former White Sox closer and single season saves record holder Bobby Thigpen reflects on his record and what it’ll mean if Francisco Rodriguez breaks it this season.

– While most Bears fan have some strange hate for Rex Grossman, David Haugh warns that you do not want to see the Bears let him go, as they’ll eventually need him this season.

– The Blackhawks signed 19 year old Akim Aliu to a 3-year deal.

Here are some articles from around the papers that are worth a read…

– Kosuke Fukudome homered yesterday & his teammates celebrated more than Fukudome did.

– Supposedly Derrek Lee’s back is a-ok and that he’s currently day-to-day with spasms.

– Mark DeRosa has homered now in 4 straight games, the first Cubs player to do so since Fred McGriff in 2001.

– The Triple-A Iowa Cubs won the Pacific Coast League division title yesterday.

– The Cubs are ranked #1 & the White Sox are ranked #4 in the latest Phil Rogers’ rankings.

– A.J. the hero again.

– The Sox are resuming a 3-3 tie game in the 12th inning today vs. the Baltimore Orioles. Here’s a rundown of who can and cannot play.

– Jim Thome is now tied with Jimmie Fox on the all-time homer list.

– While the U.S. basketball team picked up a gold medal, Bulls forward Andres “Noce” Nocioni picked up a bronze medal with team Argentina and he couldn’t be more excited.

– Bears GM Jerry Angelo freaks out on beat reporters.

According to this rumor from National Football Post’s Michael Lombardi, Peyton Manning’s knee injury could be worse than the Indianapolis Colts are saying to the media.

I talked to several people in the NFL yesterday who know things and they assure me that Peyton Manning’s knee is a huge concern for the Colts. Apparently Manning had to go through another procedure on his knee to clean things out after having his bursa sac removed last month. What is the most concerning is not the second operation (which the Colts are denying), but that they cannot control the swelling in Manning’s knee and any physical movement causes MORE swelling.

The credibility of this rumor remains to be seen, but if the Bears could avoid seeing Peyton Manning in Week 1, it would be a huge lift for a football team that has an absolutely pathetic offense to begin with in Chicago. Peyton Manning has done well against the Bears, going 2-1 with 7 TDs and a 2006 Super Bowl MVP trophy.

And with the Bears getting the opportunity to miss Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers due to suspension in Week 2, this definitely gives the Bears the chance to steal 2 games early in the year. Somehow, they have to find a way to score enough points and rely heavily on the defense reverting back to 2005 & 2006 form and not the 2007 form.

Here are some articles from around the papers that are worth a read…

Blackhawk ticket sales are up 300% from this time last year

Steve Rosenbloom is calling out Carlos Zambrano (12-5, 3.38 ERA, 1.26 WHIP) to earn his money today against the Cincinnati Reds. Apparently in Rosenbloom’s eyes, today is must win against the Reds, which really makes little sense.

St. Louis people have a laugh over the story about Cubs fans buying options on Cubs World Series tickets.

The Bears play the 49ers tonight in preseason game #3 at Soldier Field.

Chris Chelios will be with the Stanley Cup at Wrigley Field on Friday afternoon & then U.S. Cellular Field on Friday night.

Here are some articles from around the papers that are worth a read…

– Rich Harden is doing whatever he can to prove to everyone that he isn’t soft.

– Lou Piniella is getting closer and closer to playing Kosuke Fukudome less because of his struggles at the plate.

– The 2008 AL Rookie of the Year winner is looking more and more to be Alexei Ramirez.

– Joe Crede is rehabbing and could be back soon.

– Here’s an article about how close Lance Briggs was to becoming a member of the San Francisco 49ers.

– Bears DE Mark Anderson had a minor surgery on one of his thumbs and will be ready to play in a week.