Don’t let the above picture fool you. Ozzie Guillen is not sad to see Jay Mariotti gone from the Chicago Sun-Times. In fact, according to Ozzie, it’s a great day for Ozzie. While Ozzie never had the best relationship with Jay Mariotti, it still provided moments like this for the rest of Chicago, moments Ozzie obviously regrets. Sort of. In that Ozzie way.

Here’s Ozzie’s reaction to Mariotti leaving:

”When people wish the worst on people, you have to be careful because the baseball gods are going to get you,” Guillen said. ”He was not asking just for my job, he was asking for thousands and thousands of people’s jobs over the years. I’m not going to say I will get the last laugh because I will get fired from this job. But the day I get fired is the day I lose interest in this game.

”Am I enjoying this? Yes, because he tried to make my life miserable. He did everything in his power to make my life go the wrong way, but he didn’t make me miserable because I don’t believe him. Maybe if somebody else wrote that stuff about me, then I would put attention on it. And that’s what he wanted. He wanted attention. He has to thank me because I gave him a lot of [stuff] to work with. I know I helped him the last four years to make his money, and, obviously, he did not help me at all to make my money.”

I think deep down, Ozzie will miss Jay Mariotti. Deep down. Deep, deep down.

Ok, maybe not.