Uh-oh. The Milwaukee Brewers learned a valuable lesson last night: do NOT piss off Albert Pujols.

Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Carlos Villanueva learned this the hard way. After retiring the Cardinals’ Joe Mather with the bases loaded to end the inning, Villanueva celebrated on the mound. Apparently he celebrated too much by pointing at the Cardinals dugout and yelling things at Albert Pujols, who was on deck. Pujols then snapped.

Q: What did Pujols say to Villanueva?

Pujols: “I told him to shut up and go to the dugout, he doesn’t have to do that. That’s when he said something in Spanish that I don’t want to say to you guys. But that’s when I got fired up. I told him to stop and come and say that to my face, but he was running away. That’s allright. I’m going to see him later.”

Q: Did Villanueva curse Pujols?
Pujols: “Yeah, very much. But I didn’t care about the things he said to me. It was more that he disrespected my team by pointing into the dugout. He can curse me out and say whatever he wants. I don’t care. But when he disrespects my teammates I need to stand up for my teammates. I don’t appreciate that.”

This may have no effect on the Brewers in the long-run this season. There are still 4.5 weeks left in the regular season. They have a 3.5 game advantage on the St. Louis Cardinals. However, if the Brewers choke a playoff spot like they did last year to the Chicago Cubs, this will be the turning point game. This will be where it changed. The Brewers had a commanding lead & Villanueva went out of his way to piss of the game’s best hitters and the Cardinals’ team leader.

It’s just a shame that these teams are done playing each other this season. Things could get ugly next season. Looks like another Central division rivalry is born.