Carlos Zambrano is one of those people where you wonder what goes on in their head. Zambrano is one of those guys who is unintentionally funny because of the weird or dumb occurences that happen to them and seem to only happen to them. Like when he was hurt from too much computer usage. Or he hurt his big toe pitching. Or got tennis elbow from swinging a bat too much.

This latest occurence with Zambrano is even more bizarre than all those combined.

As Zambrano warmed up for the fifth inning, trainer Mark O’Neal noted that he “made a grimace.”

O’Neal rushed out and fans were left holding their breath, but before Piniella made it to the mound, the situation had been corrected. And it was nothing to spit at.

Zambrano had cracked an upper right molar but quickly spit it out and proceeded to complete seven innings of one-run ball as the Cubs won their seventh straight series and increased their National League Central lead over idle Milwaukee to 51/2 games.

He cracked his tooth? During the game? It’s not like he got hit in the face with the ball either. How on earth did he crack his tooth?

“I think I ate too much gum, and the gum has a lot of sugar,” Zambrano said. “I keep telling my daughter not to eat a lot of gum and I’m not a good example. I think my daughters will be all over me at the house. I accept it.”

Hilarious. Only Carlos Zambrano can crack a tooth from having too much gum.