According to this rumor from National Football Post’s Michael Lombardi, Peyton Manning’s knee injury could be worse than the Indianapolis Colts are saying to the media.

I talked to several people in the NFL yesterday who know things and they assure me that Peyton Manning’s knee is a huge concern for the Colts. Apparently Manning had to go through another procedure on his knee to clean things out after having his bursa sac removed last month. What is the most concerning is not the second operation (which the Colts are denying), but that they cannot control the swelling in Manning’s knee and any physical movement causes MORE swelling.

The credibility of this rumor remains to be seen, but if the Bears could avoid seeing Peyton Manning in Week 1, it would be a huge lift for a football team that has an absolutely pathetic offense to begin with in Chicago. Peyton Manning has done well against the Bears, going 2-1 with 7 TDs and a 2006 Super Bowl MVP trophy.

And with the Bears getting the opportunity to miss Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers due to suspension in Week 2, this definitely gives the Bears the chance to steal 2 games early in the year. Somehow, they have to find a way to score enough points and rely heavily on the defense reverting back to 2005 & 2006 form and not the 2007 form.