A lawsuit has been filed against the Chicago Catholic Archdiocese on behalf of a boy who claims to have been molested by a priest. If these allegations are true, the family of the boy could receive a large settlement from the Archdiocese.

While the whole case is utterly disgusting if the allegations are true and I hope the boy’s family gets as much as they can in the settlement, where the molestation took place seems highly unusual to me.

The lawsuit claims McCormack molested the unnamed boy at Our Lady of the Westside School in September 2004 and again at a White Sox game in August 2005.

The tired stereotypes about going to White Sox games are that the stands are half filled with criminals & trash and that you don’t want to be caught alone outside the park when the games are over. This certainly won’t help anything.

And can we leave our kids alone with adults anywhere anymore? That’s it, when I eventually have kids, they’re never leaving the house.

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