Disgruntled Ben Gordon has yet to receive any offers yet since denying the Bulls 1 year offer & according to Marty Burns, it’s going to stay that way:

Gordon can hope for a sign-and-trade, but it’s going to be tough to pull off. Any team would have to have players (and contracts) that Chicago is willing to take back in return, and there are base-year compensation issues. The consensus among front-office types seems to be that Gordon will change his mind and end up taking the one-year qualifier.

The only wildcard out there is if Ben Gordon decides to sit the season and possibly end out to Europe. Ben Gordon is a lot of hassle for a guard who is too small, can’t dribble, and can’t play defense. He’s not a superstar. He needs to stop expecting superstar money. Ben Gordon is a glorified Vinny Johnson or Del Curry. He’s a good shooter to have off the bench, but that’s it. Eventually, Gordon will probably wise up and take the 1 year deal & then bolt as an unrestricted free agent that will stupidly overpay for him (*Knicks*).