Baseball has many weird rituals within the game. Some bullpens make the rookies carry bookbags around the field before & after the game. Sometimes hazing of rookies goes on at the end of seasons, where the rookies are forced to dress up. Other times rookies are hit in the face with shaving-cream pies during interviews. The Chicago White Sox use the last ritual, except for the fact that they do it to whomever and at the end of every win.

Now the White Sox may have a small problem. Toby Hall may have injured his shoulder after last night’s game:

Backup catcher Toby Hall said his right shoulder was fine after teammate Jermaine Dye blocked his attempt at placing a shaving cream pie in his face during a post-game interview following the Sox’s 13-5 win over Seattle.

Hall had his right shoulder wrapped in ice but assured reporters he didn’t not re-injure his shoulder, which he separated in spring training of 2007.

Hall “didn’t not” injure his shoulder? So that means he did, right? Obviously this isn’t a big blow, considering it’s just the backup catcher, but what if, say, Carlos Quentin didn’t not injure his shoulder? Would they finally stop doing something as stupid as this?

But as far as the Sox are concerned when it comes to lockerroom traditions, at least it won’t get as much press as the last one.