Ken “Hawk” Harrelson’s mancrush for many, many, many years has and always will be Carl Yastrzemski. Almost every Sox broadcast has Hawk mentioning something about the man. Yaz is probably mentioned 50 times whenever the Sox play the Red Sox. If anything happened to Yaz, who knows how Hawk would deal with it.

Well, sad news today, as Yaz was hospitalized with chest pains:

The Boston Red Sox confirmed the 68-year-old Yastrzemski was admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital and was undergoing evaluation and testing. The team said no further information was immediately available on its longtime great.

Asked whether it was serious, Yastrzemski spokesman Dick Gordon said: “Any time you are in the hospital, it’s got to be pretty serious.”

So I put it to you, the reader…. has anybody seen Hawk lately? COME OFF THAT LEDGE, HAWK!