Because every preseason review should involve a guy wearing a helmet…


Ah, the bleachers.  Home to those who sometimes have a little too much to drink.

The Cubs just won as evidenced by the “Go Cubs Go” music in the background.  So why are two Cubs fans fighting each other?  Maybe one guy didn’t like the way the other guy was singing, you know, off key or something.

No, not Barack Obama.

The Ligue family just can’t stay out of the news.

A Blue Island man who rose to national notoriety after he and his father beat up a Kansas City Royals coach in U.S. Cellular Field was held without bail Wednesday after he was alleged to have violated his probation for a felony aggravated battery conviction in March.

William Ligue III, 21, of the 12600 block of Elm Street in Blue Island appeared in Cook County Bond Curt Thursday on charges that he violated the curfew requirement of his probation.

Ligue was sentenced to 30 months of gang-intervention probation earlier this year after he was arrested on March 14 for beating up another man with a fellow gang member.

For White Sox fans, this is a family that you’d like to just see go away. Any discussion about ballpark safety almost always begins with the Ligues & the White Sox, something White Sox fans absolutely hate. The other fans don’t deserve to be associated with these mouthbreathers, but unfortunately do and will continue as long as the name “Ligue” continues to find it’s way into the news.

From the first base line, under the upperdeck:

From leftfield, directly behind Pat Burrell:

From leftcenter, closest video to the home run:

As you can see from every video, the place went freaking bonkers last night. What a comeback, what a win, what a team.

Major League Baseball has finally commented on the “Interference” from last sunday’s game, & MLB told us all what we already knew:

Mike Port, Major League Baseball’s vice president of umpiring, Thursday told the St. Petersburg Times that it was “a missed call” that led to the Sox’s A.J. Pierzynski reaching third base and eventually scoring the winning run.

Port said umpire Doug Eddings believed he saw Pierzynski “impeded more than he was” by Aybar, who was chasing Pierzynski in a rundown.

“Looking back at that occurrence, for the first and last time, it was a missed call,” Port said told the Times. “And it was not because Doug Eddings, an umpire with 10 years experience, and 10 before that in the minor leagues, didn’t know the application of the rule, but just that in the moment in applying the rule, he saw something he thought was more than it turned out to be.”

While we will never know how the game would have ended last sunday had the call gotten right, we do know that the Sox caught a major, MAJOR break in this botched call. In a battle with Minnesota & Boston for playoff spots that will mostly come down to the last week or last game of the season, stealing that one on sunday was huge.

Former Cubs closer Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams will be ringing the opening bell at NASDAQ tomorrow morning. There really is no explanation why he’s ringing, but he’ll be there tomorrow morning.

What’s Mitch been up to since he retired? He’s been slinging salsa.